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Facts, Fees, Formats, Fine print

Education & Experience

Facts, Fees, Format, Fine print

Substantive Editing 
deals with the style and substance of the manuscript. I will look for content issues such as ambiguities, gaps, assumptions, inconsistencies and solid explanations and examples. I will also be evaluating the flow and readability, logical presentation and accuracy. Suggestions may also include adding or removing headings, choosing a consistent style and tone or other improvements as necessary.
The fee for substantive editing at Word Rx Editing will be $0.04 Canadian per word. Some manuscripts require more than one substantive edit. In that case, the fee for the second edit would be $0.03 Canadian per word.
All manuscripts must be formatted in double space, Times New Roman, 12-point font with pagination and standard margins and must be sent in a .doc format. Please do not send your manuscript until we have both agreed on the terms of the contract and signed it.
Copy Editing

is the next step on the way to publishing after a substantive edit is completed. A copy edit includes looking for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, hyphenation and spacing. It will include checking cross-references to illustrations and tables, table of contents and any Scripture quotes. Comparisons with earlier versions and consistency of style for headings and alignment are also included. I will flag possible areas of libel and places where copyright permission is needed, such as song lyrics.

Canadian Press or Associated Press guidelines will be followed for journalistic articles. Chicago Manual of Style will be used for memoirs and other non-fiction.

The fee for copy editing at Word Rx Editing will be $0.03 Canadian per word which will include the Table of Contents, all front and back matter, all notes and footnotes and any other text-based material.

services available at Word Rx Editing include proofreading, assistance with newsletters or business promotions, co-authoring, and ghost writing. Prices for these are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Contact me about your project for more details.
Payment and Feedback

I require full payment before beginning any work. All fees are in Canadian currency. Payment from Canadian banks can be made using e-transfer. Payment through PayPal is also available. When I receive your payment, then you can send your manuscript.

After I have returned your edited manuscript, you will have up to one hour of consultation by phone or Skype to clarify any questions you may have. If you email your questions, I will answer as many as possible in one hour. After that, our contract will be complete. While I strive to be thorough, I do not claim to be perfect. Editors are human. PLEASE NOTE that there is no guarantee that your work will be picked up by a publisher or agent after an edit.

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